• A War-Torn Excursion

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    “The Circumstantial Enemy is without a doubt one of the more engaging and enjoyable historical fiction novels I have had the pleasure of reading recently… and that goes double if we’re just taking into account World War II stories. It’s eventful, emotional, educative, and engaging every step of the way, from the descriptions of grand historical events to the small banter shared between minor characters” . . . Bookwormex Review, March 2018.

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    Literary Homicide with TropicalMary

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    I have to admit some trepidation in reaching out to a reviewer known as TropicalMary on a website named Literary Homicide. Mary describes herself as “a heathen, half-breed, comic book loving, gamer who is trying to understand why jeggings exist.”  Jeggings? I had to google that. Jeggings are tight-fitting stretch pants that look like denim jeans. Suffice […]

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    “Masterful Storytelling” — Stacie Tyson

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    Stacie Tyson is the prolific reader and history buff behind the book blog, Pursuing StacieNot long ago, I asked if she would mind reviewing The Circumstantial Enemy. Here’s what she had to say:

    Alright Friends, you know how much of a total history nerd I am. Which is why I am so stinkin’ excited to share this book with you all.

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    Even When It Was Over. It Wasn’t

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    I am delighted to introduce Dianne Ascroft to you. Dianne is a book reviewer, but that’s in her spare time. She is also a historical and contemporary fiction author, often with an Irish connection. Dianne’s ongoing project is The Yankee Years, a series of novels and Short Reads set in Northern Ireland during the Second World War. In these books, she tells thrilling and romantic tales of the people and the era. Here is her take on The Circumstantial Enemy.

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    Book Review by Judith Barrow

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    Book reviewer, Judith Barrow is a writer of short stories, poems, plays, and articles published throughout the British Isles. Here is Judith’s take on The Circumstantial Enemy. 

    This book is based on real events that happened during World War II and it is obvious the author has also researched extensively. The plot reads authentically with many twists and unexpected events.  

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    “Engaging Plot Throughout” — Amy Buckle

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    Amy Buckle is an English Literature and Language graduate of the University of Reading. I am delighted that this busy lady chose to read my novel. Here is what Amy had to say about it on her website.

    “”Those who sleep through the night have lost all sorrow. We must go on. It’s the only way to get home.” “Is that how you feed your soul?” Tony poured the last of the vodka.”The same demons pummel me. But I’ll not surrender without a fight.””

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    Getting Out of Life What You Put into It

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    “If you don’t write it, Grandad’s story will be lost forever.” Those were the words of my daughter 17 years ago. I’ll never forget the yearning in her eyes. Grandad was 80 at the time. He’s now 97. The family had heard his war stories over and over again. Fascinating tales of trials and tribulations. As a young Yugoslav air force pilot, he had been coerced onto the wrong side of WWII when the Germans invaded in 1941.

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    From CEO to Novelist: Not without Perseverance

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    When my business book Do Less Better was published, I had the pleasure of meeting National Post journalist Peter Kuitenbrouwer who interviewed me about the challenges facing an ex-CEO hell-bent on finding a publisher for his historical fiction manuscript. But the longer we talked, the focal point of Peter’s story evolved into a tale of how I went about re-inventing myself from my former life as a business executive.

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    Living the CEO Afterlife

    by  • November 8, 2017 • 2 Comments

    Those who follow my blog have an idea of how I’m spending my time as a retired CEO. I’m working – not for money, for fun. Beyond my recreational life (weapons of choice being a tennis racquet and a pickle-ball paddle – on a good day I use both), I’m writing about business leadership, branding and life. I’ve also written a historical novel, The Circumstantial Enemy. After several years of trying, I have found a publisher who wasn’t afraid to invest in a newbie, grey-haired novelist in an industry going through substantial change.

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    Ditching the Corner Office for Good

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    Six years ago, Fortune Magazine published my reflections on my rise to the corner office, my life as a CEO and how I coped with the years that followed my exit from the corporate throne. I’ll cut to the chase; my days in the CEO afterlife are as fulfilling as ever. Some of that contentment I attribute to the social network where I have shared my experiences in blogs on leadership and strategy. Frankly, I’m amazed that a fading memory has managed to unearth so many vignettes that were seemingly buried forever.

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