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    I am delighted to introduce Dianne Ascroft to you. Dianne is a book reviewer, but that’s in her spare time. She is also a historicalĀ and contemporary fiction author, often with an Irish connection. Dianne’s ongoing project isĀ The Yankee Years, a series of novels and Short Reads set in Northern Ireland during the Second World War. In these books, she tells thrilling and romantic tales of the people and the era. Here is her take on The Circumstantial Enemy.

    “Due to my unfamiliarity with Croatian history, I initially found it difficult to get to grips with the numerous characters and their loyalties, and the complexity of the political tensions within and between the Balkan countries and Germany. But once I understood the background, I found this a totally engrossing novel.

    “fast-paced, gripping and poignant”

    It’s fast-paced, gripping and poignant. The characters, both noble and corrupt, were well drawn and stepped off the page for me. The author realistically portrays each of them, not shying away from disagreeable emotions and brutality where necessary to tell the story. His writing reveals the many facets of human nature as he sketches characters who create a complex, unpredictable plot.

    As the story unfolded to the last page, twists and turns kept me tense and guessing who would really win in the end. Like the characters, the settings are also memorable. The author has done considerable historical research to present in wonderful, vivid detail the many settings in the story, including Austrian and Croatian cities, a hospital in Italy, a detention camp in North Africa and a POW camp in America.

    I can heartily recommend this novel. It would interest historical fiction and thriller readers as well as anyone who enjoys a gripping, well-told story.”

    Thank you, Dianne, for the insightful review.

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