• Ditching the Corner Office for Good

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    Six years ago, Fortune Magazine published my reflections on my rise to the corner office, my life as a CEO and how I coped with the years that followed my exit from the corporate throne. I’ll cut to the chase; my days in the CEO afterlife are as fulfilling as ever. Some of that contentment I attribute to the social network where I have shared my experiences in blogs on leadership and strategy. Frankly, I’m amazed that a fading memory has managed to unearth so many vignettes that were seemingly buried forever.

    Recently, I tried my hand as an author of both fiction and non-fiction books. My 2015 business book, Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World was a relatively easy transition from blogging. Writing fiction became my biggest challenge of this afterlife. Eight years ago I began The Circumstantial Enemy, a historical novel set between 1941 and 1953 in Europe and America. I had the first draft complete after 2 years. I needed another 3 years for rewriting and editing, and a further 3 to convince bona-fide publishers to take on the project. Persistence paid off. The Circumstantial Enemy was released by Endeavour Press this month. I’m hoping historical fiction buffs will be as impressed with the book as were the folks at Endeavour.

    Twenty years have passed since I ditched the corner office for good. It seems like half that long. Much has changed, including me. Somehow I reinvented myself. It wasn’t easy. Reinvention doesn’t happen without passion, determination and hard work. I’m just another example of someone getting out of life what he’s put into it.  

    Based on a true story, The Circumstantial Enemy is an energetic journey to freedom through minefields of hatred, betrayal, lust and revenge. Rich in incident with interludes of rollicking humour, it’s a story about the strength of the human spirit, and the power of friendship, love and forgiveness. If that stirs your senses, check out the the e-book and paperback at amazon.com.

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    Formerlife: Jacobs Suchard CEO (Kraft, Nabob), Strategy Consultant. Afterlife: Palgrave Macmillan Author, Historical Novelist, Business Journalist

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